Welcome to Anorak X

Created by Anorak_NFT, Anorak X will serve as an outlet for future experiments and artistic expression. Anorak X will serve as the primary hub for hosting discussions, sharing updates, and rolling out future projects along the way of my coding journey. It will also be a space for fostering community engagement and showcasing various artistic expressions. By featuring art, code snippets, and other creative works, the Twitter page will not only keep our community engaged but also celebrate the incredible talent within our network.


Anorak X was created by Anorak, an active participant in the NFT industry since 2018. With experience as an ambassador and community developer for prominent NFT companies like NBA Top Shot and Decentraland. Anorak possesses extensive experience in trading digital assets, and knowledge of emerging web3 brands. Despite being an active member of the industry for almost five years, Anorak had yet to embark on his own project, in part due to his limited coding skills and insufficient funds to hire talented and reliable developers. So, during the bear market of 2022, Anorak embraced a challenge: learning to code. His goal was to contribute more to the NFT space beyond mere speculation and shit posting.

Anorak X will serve as Anorak's dedicated platform for future projects, providing a clear distinction between the @Anorak_NFT and @Anorak_X pages. This differentiation aims to separate Anorak's timeline. Anorak seeks a public space to experiment, fostering discourse, asking questions, and learning along the way. However, Anorak is mindful of not overwhelming followers who may not wish to be part of this particular journey. Anorak X embodies a delightful and experimental venture, there should be no financial expectations when engaging with the products launched by Anorak X or Anorak.


$HERO Token:

This project was inspired by the euphoric meme coin phase that swept the crypto world in the early stages of Q2 2023. At that time, the meme coin $PEPE took Crypto Twitter by storm, with many meme coins, such as $TURBO, following in its wake. $TURBO is a meme coin, the contract for which was entirely generated by ChatGPT with the help of a digital artist, Rhett Mankind.

During this period, Anorak was just embarking on his coding journey and found himself inspired by Rhett’s audacity to take on this challenge in full view of the public eye. Rhett didn't know whether he would fail or succeed in the launch of his TURBO token, but he pressed on regardless, making a few mistakes along the way. However, in the end, the TURBO token was a tremendous success, reaching a fully diluted token valuation of over $100M.

It was Rhett’s boldness in building something publicly that inspired Anorak to create Anorak X. Anorak X is more than just a project - it's an outlet for experimentation, a way to build in public and learn from mistakes along the way. Coding can be a formidable beast to tame, and it's often challenging to gauge your progress without an engaged audience. Anorak X aims to be a light-hearted and enjoyable experience for both Anorak and those who choose to interact with and support the projects along the way.

Please visit the following link to our Medium article for more information on the HERO tokenomics and contract addresses.

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Generative Art

The next project Anorak X will focus on is the creation of a generative art collection.

Exact release date is TBD in the Summer of 2023.